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Dear Leather Genie,

I acquired a pot of your Leather Genie™ Balsam for my Leather sofa. A member of your staff mentioned that I could use it on untreated wood.

I have a large wooden garden dining table which I have been fond of for many years. However after being subject to our British weather it has lost its lustre and was looking quite shabby and weary. I was considering replacing it this summer.

Although I was a little sceptical I decided to try the Leather Genie™ Balsam to see if I could give my old friend one last reprieve. May I say I am so glad I did.

Very quickly the grain appeared back to my table and after just 10 minutes I had completed the task and was extremely pleased with the result. A couple of days later we had a heavy downpour of rain. Once the shower had passed I went out to the garden and was truly amazed that the rainwater was sitting beaded up on the surface and had not penetrated the surface of the wood. I only wish that I had treated it from day one.

Thank you Leather Genie™ for giving me a few more years with my lovely garden table.

Kindest Regards

Ruth Bird

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