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Leather Genie™ Leather Cleaner is a concentrated gentle cleaner specifically designed for the cleaning of spots and dirt. It can be diluted or used neat for more stubborn dirt and is therefore well suited for use on all leather goods.

Leather Genie™ Leather Cleaner is great for:

  • Leather Jackets or Coats
  • Leather Sofas and Chairs
  • Leather Boots or Shoes
  • Leather Bags, Purses, or Wallets
  • Leather Car Seats or Interiors
  • Leather Motorcyle Clothing

In short, do you know anyone that owns anything made of leather? If you do, then Leather Genie™ Leather Cleaner  & Leather Balsam are the ideal gifts for them.

£12.00: price includes VAT at 20%

Leather Genie™ Leather Cleaner is:

  • Ecological
  • Biodegradeable
  • Organic
  • Non-toxic
  • Enzyme based

Leather Genie™ Leather Cleaner contains:

  • Anioic Detergents
  • Non-ionic detergents
  • Fragrance & auxilliary supplies
  • Dirt carrier substances

Because of the gentle cleaning action of Leather Genie™ Leather Cleaner  it is the perfect cleaner to complement our Leather Balsam for cleaning leather furniture, leather car seats, leather boots, leather shoes, leather handbags, leather clothing and saddlery. 

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