Leather Genie - Leather Balsam

Leather Genie™ is a natural balm that breathes new life into all leathers. Leather Genie™ contains natural jo joba oil which penetrates the leather skin conditioning and helps maintain natural suppleness. Once applied the surface is left grease free making Leather Genie™ Leather Balsam the perfect treatment for leather furniture, leather car seats, Leather Clothing and saddlery.

For all outdoor leathers Leather Genie™repels water and moisture and is a favourite amongst Golfers, Hikers and Outdoor workers.

Leather Genie™ can be applied to all colours and restores the natural sheen to all leather surfaces.

Thanks for the Leather Genie products. We have tried both the Balsam and the Cleaner and cannot believe the difference it has made to our leather furniture.

As we are a Secondhand Furniture outlet in Chesterfield, and have leather suites and chairs arriving every day which, usually require a new lease of life....your product does just that. The resulting sheen produced after we had applied the Balsam amazed us ........ Thankyou !!

kind regards
Mike Shaw
Past and Present (Chesterfield)

Are you looking for a gift idea for someone who seems to have everything?

Does that person own:

  • Leather Jackets or Coats
  • Leather Sofas and Chairs
  • Leather Boots or Shoes
  • Leather Bags, Purses, or Wallets
  • Leather Car Seats or Interiors Leather
  • Motorcyle Clothing

In short, do you know anyone that owns anything made of leather? If you do, then Leather Genie® Leather Balsam is the ideal gift for them.

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